viernes, 11 de julio de 2014


Brazil and the Netherlands already see this playing out since the end of the World Cup. In the semifinals were overtaken by Germany and Argentina respectively, who will face each other in the defining game of the tournament for the third time in history. A win for either side throws the statistics when the two teams played against each other the last game of the World Cup.

    The Argentinians had their year of glory in the 1986 World Championship in Mexico where they were devoted champions beating Germany for three to two and so got their second star; while the Teutons took revenge four years later, in Italia 90, when by winning one-nil to the selection Argentina won their third title. These are the latest world who got both Argentine and German.

    On Sunday July 13 will again be face to face to define the new world champion. The appointment will be in Brazil, more precisely in the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. American continent, American champion says statistics throughout history. Based on that, Argentina should win, but Germany will present their full soccer potential to be the first European to lift the World Cup in America.

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jueves, 3 de julio de 2014


Just finished the World Cup which was played in South Africa in 2010 two hundred nine associations I started the project and the dream of lifting the cup on the 13th of July in Brazil. Four years of waiting and only ten of the date of the final eight countries continue with that latent possibility. For Curriculum Brazil, Germany, Argentina and France are favorites to reach the target, and that the four total 11 world titles; although present in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia and Costa Rica can overcome any history of candidates.

    The clash between Germany and France involves a confrontation between two powers. The winner of that game will rival in the semifinals of who wins between Colombia and Brazil; while on the other side of the table the winners of the duels between Argentina and Holland-Belgium-Costa Rica will cross. So the dream final between the five-time champions Brazil and Argentina rivals the champion is still possible. Players, history and the fact that the event is in South America amply support this possibility. 

    In this fight for the title they will not be left behind neither Germany nor France, who seek their fourth and second largest respectively. No more words. Tomorrow will begin to define the semifinalists and 13 July will know who will become the new champion of world football replacing Spain on the throne. Argentine, German, Brazilian and French dream repeat; while Dutch, Colombian, Costa Rican and Belgian fantasize lift the cup for the first time. 

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lunes, 30 de junio de 2014


The French team was classified to the final of the World Cup being played in Brazil. This could well be a perfectly normal in a few days. You just have to go with the statistics of the last four world in which, as Les Bleus step after arriving at defining term group meeting. And even more striking is that this incident occurred in tournaments interspersed. 
   It all started in 1998 when the French team advanced to the final, then I beat Brazil by 3-0, that the world was organized in his country. After being champion was presented four years later in South Korea-Japan 2002 where he could not overcome the group stage, in which he ended with a dot product of two defeats - Senegal and Denmark - and a draw with Uruguay. Against this background it appeared that in Germany 2006, France was coming to the end, which happened. This time the opponent was Italy who could not beat on penalties (5-3) after match one at 120 minutes. After this date was the runner-up in South Africa four years ago, where he repeated the performance in 2002, thanks to the high point draw with Uruguay, and lost to Mexico and South Africa. So back home after the group stage. 
   Brazil 2014 seems to be the year in which the French play the final again. Because we demonstrated in the first round and second round, football and hierarchy have to spare. The three-nil to Honduras, five to two to Switzerland, one to zero to Ecuador and Nigeria two to zero to attest to the power of choice in this world gala. Only you subtract two steps to reach the desired end. If football combine and chance is very likely to happen. That if, in Russia 2018 and know that it will happen ... After not say I did not warn you ... 

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sábado, 28 de junio de 2014


Within hours of starting the second round of the World Cup to be held in Brazil and are beginning to see a clear winner if you divide the world into two halves. The Americas clearly prevailed over European territory, only to classify the next round six of the thirteen teams who started the group stage, or 46 percent; while in America advanced to the next stage, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, United States and Costa Rica, which represent 80 percent of the continent combined ten that took the competition.

    Once this group stage once again notes that in America makes it very difficult for Europeans. Just look at the story that never shows a selection of the old continent could raise the cup on American soil. Netherlands, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium who will try to break that story and lift the trophy in the region where Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay sent.

    Although now comes the more difficult and defining stage of the competition, where anything can happen, whether it is watching the compass Champion seems to be oriented towards the west Planisphere, by play and results. Apart from the Europeans and Americans, also African - Nigeria and Algeria - will contest the second round dreaming of conquering the world cup.


Colombia, Uruguay
Costa Rica-Grecia
Bélgica-Estados Unidos

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miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014


The Beira-Rio stadium in Porto Alegre saw the rematch that had Lionel Messi against Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama, who four years ago had closed the bow with great saves. This afternoon everything was different, as the group led by Alejandro Sabella won by three to two a brace turned by Barcelona star. A shot to bow discovered after a given by the keeper and exceptional execution freekick rebound were the arguments that showed 10 of Argentina to take personal revenge and thus lead their team to the knockout stages of the World Cup that is being carried out in Brazil. 
    With three wins over the same number of matches, the Albiceleste participation hill taking first place finish in Group F. Followed in the table by his opponent today, with four units also advanced to the next round. Meanwhile, Bosnia and Iran ended its involvement with three and one point respectively, which derive both the elimination of competition. 
    With this great victory selection Argentina look more confidence and optimism to play their next game on Tuesday against Switzerland for the knockout stages of the World. While the Nigerian team will quickly forget this match and will focus on the game Monday that will put you face to face with the first group E, ie France. 

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Almost 15 hours after tickets June 24, 2014, in Argentina a loud cry of goal that surprised most strange that perceived themselves. In times of World is not uncommon to hear these screams in the streets often what is not normal is it so hard to hear due to the celebration of a goal from Uruguayan defender Diego Godin, who qualified for the knockout your selection final of the soccer World Championship to be held in Brazil. 
   Given this unusual scenario, there are two possible scenarios come up. Argentina was attacked, invaded and colonized by Uruguay or Argentina are so lack of identity, that even though your selection is competing, and in great shape in the World, they force the neighboring country. Obviously, without fear of error, the primary deduction that appears is that the children of St. Martin are not happy with their country, or at least their football Selected. The most logical thing would be that in Argentina Argentina's goals is scream and shout in the Uruguay on Uruguay, Brazil in Brazil, in Chile, Colombia, Chile and those of Colombia; which also occurs in the other 204 countries that are members of the Federation of Association Football (FIFA). 
   The interesting dilemma could occur on 13 July in a hypothetical final between the teams of Argentina and Uruguay. Based on what happened this June 24, should win the Oscar Tabarez led this more than clear that the heavenly fans come out to celebrate his title to the 18 de Julio Avenue in Montevideo, while the Argentines, while they will celebrate the achievement by Uruguayan Obelisk of Buenos Aires. And if he wins the Albiceleste obviously there will be celebrations ... 

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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012


Despite the win by five to one that gave him the world championship in Spain in 1986, the Danish national team will always be remembered as one of the best football teams that deployed on a court. Constant changes of pace, precision speed and attacking mentality permanent rotations were some of the arguments presented this group led by Sepp Piontek and Michael Laudrup had as her great figure.
    The group "E" Mexico World appeared as the most difficult of the tournament. But the Danish team was won without any shock beating Scotland, Uruguay and West Germany. Before the British prevailed by one to zero, while the South Americans defeated them by six to one, in what was perhaps the highest exhibition football championship. In the last game of the area clearly beat the Germans, who finally end up as runners-up.
    At the time in which the selection of Denmark began to take shape as one of the serious contenders for the title came the crossover round against the Spanish team, instance in which she was eliminated with rout included. Despite that early bye World, in which he finished ninth, today Twenty six years later still remembered those encounters full of football when they met Michael Laudrup and Preben Elkjær-Larsen, who were active in the Italian championship with outstanding performance.
    Always remember those who were champions for the mere fact of having been, but this set is perhaps more remarkable because it was so strange and recalls by the way they feel and live football beyond the result. With its unforgettable style marked an era in the sport, which saw many World Cup teams that finished ninth but none so prominent and full of brightness as that of Denmark, 1986.